Duty calls

At first they sound like a distant echo,
gradually they draw close until they’re loud enough to tear the veil of your slumbering consciousness.
Jump starting it with a gasp.
Rudely Sending the subconscious and it’s fantasies packing.
They sound not like a call from a lover
Nor the harsh voice of an army commander
But they harbour fear that gets many tumbling and fumbling through the seconds, transit, side walks in the rush of the morning myself not spared.
They are the voices of the capitalists capsuled in our phones and clocks.
They’re the proverbial calls of fear for being late, fired, shouted at, threatened, fear of failing and being left behind.
We suffer through them from creche to University.
And conform to their demands through the whole
length of our adult hood.
Proudly passing the same fears to our off springs so that they can pass it down generations to come.



2 thoughts on “Duty calls

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